Win a copy of the book ‘Heartwood’ by Rowan Reid

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Who is your environmental hero?

This book release coincides with a group of questions I recently received from a Geelong College student asking about environmental heroes. I’ll be presenting to the College in November about Geelong Compost’s work in the environment but I would love to know who are your environmental heroes and why?

Send an email with ‘Enviro Heroes’ in the subject line to and next newsletter we’ll announce the winner of Heartwood and share the winning submission.

About Heartwood

Rowan’s book is a mix of scientific research and practical experience based on 30 years of growing trees on his own farm, in addition to what he’s learnt from hundreds of farmers and researchers around Australia and overseas.

Heartwood is also a very personal story, which Rowan hopes acknowledges the passion, optimism and commitment shown by all landholders who plant trees for a better future.

The chapters are loosely based around 15 of the tree species that grow on Rowan’s farm for high quality timber. He uses these as examples to talk about the wood quality, values, management and processing of more than 100 specialty timber species that he thinks Australian farmers could grow.

Chapter titles includes tropical species like Australian Red Cedar, exotics like English Oak and Coast Redwood, native class 1 durable timbers (Red Ironbark) and our local indigenous trees such as Australian Blackwood. There are also chapters on the usual suspects like Spotted Gum, Sydney Blue Gum, River Sheoak, Black Walnut, Poplars and Mountain Ash.