Tailored soil solutions specifically for Geelong farmers

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Geelong’s first truly tailored soil solutions business, Geelong Compost, is set to launch on April 15, helping the region’s farmers improve soil health, address critical soil issues and boost productivity on farms around the Greater Geelong region.

Geelong Compost is a part of The Camperdown Compost Company, which has been assisting South West regional farmers with on-farm composting solutions for more than 16 years.

The new brand includes a Geelong-based team of consultants offering a hands-on approach to localised soil issues such as acidification, sodicity, nutrient deficiencies, low organic matter and general soil structure concerns.

Geelong Compost general manager Tony Martin said the new tailored soil solutions will help address the specific issues relevant to a particular site, improving soil structure and fertility leading to improved productivity.

Martin said Geelong Compost collaborates with some of the nation’s best soil science experts to help identify deficiencies or imbalances in the soil so that a tailored solution can be developed to improve soil health.

“The soils around Geelong have been farmed for many years and there’s not the same structure, available nutrients or biological life in the soil now as there was 200 years ago,” he said.

“On-farm composting is about regenerative agriculture. We’re returning organic matter and carbon to the soil to build the soil, stimulate soil biology and improve the ability of the soil to access nutrients and hold water leading to a reduced reliance on chemical fertilisers, pesticides and herbicides.”

South West dairy farmer John Boyd is part of the Green Pastures milk company and has been on-farm composting with Camperdown Compost for six years. He has recorded significant changes to the productivity of his farm over that time.

“We’ve got deeper root systems and higher nutrient density in our pastures. We’ve seen clovers return and we’ve seen a noticeable reduction in pests and weeds. All essential for providing high-quality milk.”

Surf Coast Shire Councillor David Bell, said Council has supported on-farm composting at more than 30 local farms as well as Winchelsea’s famous historic Barwon Park Mansion.

“At Barwon Park alone, more than 200 tonnes of organic matter has been saved from landfill and used to improve soil quality for an orchard of heritage apple trees that is being planted with the involvement of the National Trust, Council and Camperdown Compost,” Cr Bell said.

“This is one of many great examples of what this on-farm composting program has already achieved.”

Geelong Compost provides on-farm consultations and solutions for farmers in Geelong and the Surf Coast, The Bellarine, Golden Plains and Bacchus Marsh regions.

For more information, contact Geelong Compost at info@geelongcompost.com.au or phone   0447 464 722.