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Tony Evans on our free nutrient budgeting consultation

Tony Evans always knew that conventional fertiliser programs were more expensive than an equivalent compost program but it was a tough thing to show on paper.

Then one day while running some calculations on a batch of compost he was interrupted by a call from his accountant. At the end of the call he described what he was trying to calculate and the accountant solved the problem in no time.

That gave Tony an idea, what if you could apply accounting principles to a batch of compost and do a fair comparison to conventional fertiliser programs?

Introducing a FREE revolutionary nutrient budgeting tool


After years of refinement between Tony and the accountant in Camperdown, Geelong Compost can now sit down with you and compare the cost of a tailored compost program to a conventional fertiliser program.

We can demonstrate that the nutrients in a compost program can equal or better a conventional program in both cost and nutrient supplied.

If you’re interested in finding out more please get in touch via the contact page or call direct on 0447 464 722 to book a free consultation.

The budgeting tool lets us:

– Stay within or below the budget that the you already have to play with
– Choose amendments that improve the fertility of your soil
– Demonstrate how the program compares to conventional programs
– Manage any deficiencies
– Lift biological activity
= Add carbon

Like a conventional program we’ll manage the nutrients needed year to year, but also add extra carbon to the system. This is a great catalyst for lifting the overall biological activity which will actually start to release more nutrients that were previously tied up in the soil.

This ensures you’re not mining the soil and means you won’t run out of nutrients in the longterm.


How it works

The way it works is we punch in what the farmer did last year and compare that with their soil test.

For example you might have used 200 kg of 2 in 1 and the same in urea per hectare. From that we can work out the rate per hectare and the cost per ton.

From there we know the comparative costs and can demonstrate how many kilos of NPK have gone out per hectare.

Then we analyse your soil tests to work out what deficiencies you have in the soil.

Finally we enter the numbers into our compost calculator using different amendments to match or better those nutrients being applied.

The result is a tailored compost program that will better remediate your soil and cost you the same or less than a conventional program!

If you’re interested in finding out more please get in touch via the contact page or call direct on 0447 464 722 to book a free consultation.

You can also find out more by viewing this video of Tony Evans speaking about the calculator and running a simulation.

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