Reground turning coffee waste into fresh food

Patrick BlampiedNews

Reground is a clever little project that’s been taking Melbourne by storm closing the loop on coffee grounds that were going to waste in landfill.

Ninna Larsen, a former barista, became increasingly more frustrated with her contribution to landfill wondering why we throw ground coffee into the general waste bin. After discovering there was no place for this wonderful organic waste in Australia she set about creating a place for it.

From Ninna picking up one bin from a single cafe rolling it to a single community garden, Reground has grown. The team now consists of two of the strongest blondes in the resource recovery industry. They now service 20 cafes with that number growing rapidly.

Reground provides cafes with a special bin to empty their knock-boxes into. They then pick up the bin when it’s full and replace it with a new one straight away. Super simple.

They recently launched a Pozible campaign to crowdfund a new van. That campaign was successful but the page is still worth a look if you’re interested in finding out more about what they do.

A few interesting facts about coffee grinds:

– In compost ground coffee serves as a slow-release source of nitrogen for fertilising after being composted.

– As a soil amendment studies show that adding up to 30% of ground coffee to the soil will increase yield and antioxidant levels in crops.

– In worm farms the worms break down coffee grounds and turn it into liquid fertilizer.