What we’re reading: Plastic, Plastic, Plastic

Patrick BlampiedNews

Seeing first-hand where plastic ends up lead us down a bit of a rabbit hole. The impact of plastic waste on our environment and ultimately ourselves is pretty grim, but awareness is picking up and it seems like we are heading towards a ban on the sillier items like single use plastic bags.

Geelong Advertiser – Surf Coast Shire seeks power to ban single-use plastic bags

Surf Coast Shire wants the power to be able to introduce a ban on single-use plastic bags. Councillors this week [April 2016] called on Environment Minister Lisa Neville to either enforce a statewide ban or enable the council to wipe out the polluting plastic.

4 Corners – Oceans of Plastic

Life without plastic is almost unimaginable. It’s become central to the way we live our lives – from everyday items like food packaging and water bottles, to sophisticated high end products. But how many of us know what happens to that plastic when we throw it away?

ABC – Sydney Harbour hidden plastic pollution is killing endangered turtles and marine life

Teenage turtles like Cliff are lucky to be rescued, because many are dying after eating hidden plastic pollution in Sydney Harbour and the Hawkesbury River when they come in summer to feed on seagrass meadows.