What we’re reading: Patagonia’s getting in to the Beer Game with a new perennial grain

Patrick BlampiedNews

83eee501-e68e-49fd-81a5-8813c5ad2f1dSince its founding in 1973, Patagonia has always been a leader in sustainability. It’s founder has taken a no BS approach to manufacturing goods that do less harm. Now we’re reading they’re getting into Beer!

The thing that grabbed us about this story though is that one of the grains they’re using, Kernza, is a new perennial plant with enormously long roots that reach down about ten feet beneath the surface.

This means of course that it doesn’t have to be re-seeded each year. Those long root systems make it tougher for pests to destroy it and also make kernza excellent for fighting erosion and keeping soil in place. Read the story here.