Geelong Compost provides an array of compost solutions. Since commencing on-farm composting in the Greater Geelong Region since 2013 we have evolved our composting process to include external water addition via the turner, polymer blankets for moisture retention, compost row monitoring programme and the inclusion of several high nutrient inputs including fruit pulp, bread crumbs and sugar mud.

Our Base Premium Compost helps address soil structure, adds biology and foods for the native soil biology, adds Carbon and a range of plant available and stable nutrients.

Tailored Compost Solutions

With this experience under our belts, We are now taking our product offering to a new level. Working with the country’s top soil analytical labs we now have the ability to create site-specific tailored compost blends customised to address soil structure or nutrient deficiencies on-site.

tailored compost solutions

Our signature Geelong Premium Compost base can be combined with additional amendments added strategically throughout the composting process to meet the agricultural or soil health requirements of the nominated site.

All tailored recipes are developed in-line with soil test indicators and feedback.

Composted Lime

Can address cation ratio imbalances, soil structural issues, calcium deficiency and soil acidity, etc.

Composted Gypsum

Sulfur deficiency, soil structure in alkaline soils, calcium deficiency, can help remediate sodic soil issues.

Composted Phosphorus

composted phosphorus
Where phosphorus is a limiting factor soft rock phosphate can be added strategically through the composting process to allow addition of organic matter and a plant available and stable form of phosphorus.

Composted Potassium

Used typically on sandy, potassium-deficient soils or where cation ratios are imbalanced.

Turf Topdress Blend

A tailored blend suitable for use on all types of turf including sports fields, golf courses and for landscaping.

Premium Compost

Our Premium Compost is created with green organics and high-nutrient inputs. Suitable for all soil types.

Premium Compost / Tailored Compost

All composts can be made directly on-farm in single batches of 160m3 or more.

Tailored composts can be developed with single or multiple nutrient additions based on soil tests.

Prices are calculated on a case-by-case basis.

Bulk Delivery

We are pleased to announce that we can now deliver our agricultural quality compost to your home, farm, market garden, orchard or anywhere you need it.  Bulk compost can be delivered within the Greater Geelong and Melbourne area and with delivery amounts starting from as little as 1m3, we are able to cater to everyone.  Our narrow bodied tipper truck is able to access small and confined areas that we previously couldn’t with our larger trucks, making bulk compost delivered to your home easy.

Compost ain’t compost!

Many gardeners are disappointed by so called compost delivered as they expect it to look like the compost they make themselves.  Really what the landscaping industry calls compost is really just pasteurised mulch. It doesn’t smell earthy, as essentially is hasn’t matured long enough to attract a diverse range of microbes to break it down further.  All our compost is ‘mature’ meaning it has been pasteurised (heated to over 55 C for several days minimum) and then allowed to break down further until eventually it cools down and attracts actinomycetes the microbes that are masters at breaking down cellulose in woody materials.  These little guys are responsible for the earthy smell that attracts us to compost.

Compost for householders or residential areas

You don’t have to be a farmer to access agricultural quality compost. We can deliver as little as 1m3 in our narrow bodied tipper truck and up to 4m3.

Hobby Farms, Market Gardens and Orchards

Multiple deliveries aren’t a problem but if you’re after more than 20m3 and access isn’t an issue, we’ll use a larger truck and trailer.

See our shop for pricing.


Worm Juice Products

worm juice products

We are excited to launch a range of worm juice based products which can work hand-in-hand with a compost base to stimulate soil life with a range of beneficial bacteria, enzymes, soluble nutrients, trace elements, humic based compounds and growth promotants. Worm juice is available in 5L and 20L containers.

Worm Juice Plus

A high quality worm juice produced in our dedicated production facility in Camperdown. Worm juice can be added to crop seeds, pastures, vegetable gardens, fruit trees, or flowers to enhance growth and soil and plant health.

Worm Juice Turbo

Worm Juice Turbo is a high-nitrogen worm juice product suitable for boosting pasture growth and providing a nitrogen kick to plants of all types.

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