Plant-based packaging compost trial

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Vegware trial

Vegware trial

Who’d have thought that the ABC would be putting GPS trackers on plastic bags and following them to their resting place?

If you don’t know what we’re talking about you’ll have to check out the ABC’s new series War on Waste.

What was really interesting about the GPS segment is that in some cases the plastic bags that were advertised to be going to a recycling facility ended up in landfill.

We’re currently running a trial on Vegware’s plant based packaging in our compost and the reason for it is to help make sure that waste from big events ends up being composted rather than going to landfill.

Single-use anything isn’t ideal but Vegware is a huge step in the right direction because at least when it does end up in landfill it’s only there for a handful of years rather than 300.

Our trial hopes to take it to the next level where the waste ends up becoming part of the solution, growing next year’s crop of nutritious food. We look forward to reporting back on our findings.

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