Next generation farmers 

Patrick BlampiedNews


We had a group of students from the Diploma of Applied Horticultural Science course at Melbourne Polytechnic TAFE Fairfield Campus visit one of our sites this month. While they visited we had a chat to their lecturer Geoff Sadler about why he’s interested in showing them the composting process.

Geoff has a background in agriculture and soil science and he teaches a unit that’s all about managing soil fertility to maintain sustainability.

The unit looks at good soil management practices in all growing situations and one of the key ways to sustain and improve soil is through the use of compost, a recycled product that can’t be beat.

“Camperdown Compost and Geelong Compost have been pioneers of a commercial process that is based on a scientific approach to soil management. That’s why I’m interested in taking the students out to see the process.”

“There’s been a broader recognition in the industry that chemicals have their place and that they need to be used sparingly. Organic ‘waste’ isn’t really waste at all and recycling it into organic compost tends to do a better job. It’s nutritionally balanced in a way that chemicals can’t approach. Each is a tool for a certain job but the more we can recycle material and use organics the better.”

We couldn’t agree more! If you’d like to find out more about the course and what’s being taught please see this link.