New awareness campaign around plastic bags

Patrick BlampiedNews

Great to see Geelong Council increasing the awareness around contamination in green organics and recycling bins!

In 2016 we prevented 30,000 tonnes of organic material going to landfill and much of it came from household green bins in Geelong.

What we see in that waste has sadly become a bit of a running joke around the office. From dog toys to Wes’ affectionately named apprentice ‘Dora the Compost Explorer’, if it’s made of plastic and has been produced in volume, we’ve likely seen it.

We put a lot of work in to screen out plastics that have found their way into our inputs but we would prefer if the contamination was stopped at the source before it makes it into the wrong bin.

If you’re a social media user and feel like being active in spreading the message please have a look at sharing and retweeting these posts from Geelong Council so we can get the word out!

Geelong Council’s Facebook post and tweet. P.S. You’ll need to be logged into your account.