Any home gardener will tell you that adding a layer of mulch to your landscaped garden will give it a big helping hand. Using landscaping supplies such as sugar cane mulch, wood chips, or straw can assist your garden beds by helping to retain moisture, keeping weeds at bay, and to keep the temperature of your garden bed regulated. However, using natural compost as mulch on your landscaped garden beds can give them an even bigger boost by reintroducing beneficial microorganisms into the soil in addition to all of the benefits that standard mulching can provide. Using compost as mulch instead of other landscaping supplies will also add more nutrients into your soil which over the long term will encourage new growth to all of the plants in your garden. The additional nutrients will be absorbed more easily with the use of compost as a mulch instead of traditional landscaping supplies which will also benefit you financially as you won’t need to use additional fertilisers and boosters to have the best garden in the street.

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