Landholder assistance with Serrated Tussock

Patrick BlampiedNews

In coming months, there will be a program in the Inverleigh-Teesdale-Shelford area offering one-on-one assistance to help landholders with the noxious weed, Serrated Tussock (Nasella trichotoma). This is a free advisory program, run by the Victorian Serrated Tussock Working Party in partnership with local community groups, Golden Plains Shire Council, and the State Government of Victoria.

Since 1995, the VSTWP have completed 15 extension projects, covering over 100,000 hectares of land and have assisted thousands of landowners to build their capacity to identify and control this invasive noxious weed.

For further information or to organise a free property assessment within the project area, please contact Tim Johnston (VSTWP Extension Officer), on 0408 534 804 or

Why you should care

Serrated tussock is an introduced invasive plant from South America and the worst perennial grass weed in Australia. It has the potential to seriously reduce the agricultural capacity and value of properties, and rapidly decrease the biodiversity of native grasslands. It is a weed with no boundaries, as it moves on the wind, under vehicles and machinery, on animals and on clothing.

In Victoria, it is estimated that serrated tussock costs the community many millions of dollars to manage, and the long term consequences of inadequate control can be severe.

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