Horses instead of tractors? 

Patrick BlampiedNews


Like every other agricultural business out there at the moment we’ve REALLY struggled with the wet weather. Want compost? Yep when we can get into the paddock. Want to give us manure to make compost? Sure, just as soon as we can get into the paddock. Can you turn my compost? Absolutely, just as soon as we can get into the paddock…and so on.

It got us thinking about how limited even four wheel drive tractors are when the ground gets this wet. So why not check out the wave of young farmers heading back to REAL horsepower.

“Farming with actual horsepower, as opposed to gas-guzzling machinery, might seem a well-intentioned—if thoroughly impractical—notion. But for Leila Schneider, 29, and Chandler Briggs, 32, economics figured prominently in the decision. “A tractor’s value depreciates quickly; horses get stronger and more efficient as they work,” explains Briggs. “Plus, they can make new baby ‘tractors.’”