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Geelong Compost has been working with primary producers in the Greater Geelong area to rejuvenate the condition of their soil and are now offering their expertise and products to the general public with their new online store. Market gardeners, hobby farmers, garden enthusiasts and everyone interested in giving their soil and garden a boost can now buy compost online and have it delivered to their home, farm or garden.

New Online Store – Buy Compost Newport

Buying compost in Newport is a breeze, go to Geelong Compost’s online store, choose your amount and have it delivered to your farm, garden or home. If you’re a hobby farmer, market gardener, garden enthusiast or don’t have the time or knowledge to make compost yourself, you can buy compost online and have it home delivered in Newport.

Compost Benefits – Buy Compost Newport

Compost is used to rejuvenate the soil humus and aid in creating an optimal environment for a wide range of plants and crops. Compost can help by putting helpful micro-organisms back into your soil which can assist to increase the yield of crops and boost the health of plants.

Other benefits of compost use are a reduction and possible elimination of pests and diseases in your plants and crops, reducing your reliance on chemical pesticides, herbicides and fertilisers as well as increasing the ability of your soil to retain vital nutrients and moisture.

Small Delivery Amounts – Buy Compost Newport

Delivery of compost in Newport has previously been available in bulk quantities only but Geelong Compost are now delivering compost in smaller amounts, from as little as one cubic metre, and are able to deliver to properties with limited or difficult accessibility for vehicles. Garden enthusiasts, green thumbs, market gardeners and hobby farmers can now take advantage of the benefits of compost without needing the time or expertise to make it themselves.