Better Soil, Better Grapes, Better Wine – Andrew Mahoney from Leura Park Estate

Patrick BlampiedNews

The science is finally catching up with Andrew Mahoney, the vineyard manager at Leura Park Estate. He’s been ahead of the curve and focused on the future for 10 years now, implementing a number of sustainable farming practices such as integrated pest management and use of biological inputs to help improve the soil biology and grow better grapes.


The hard work seems to be paying off with numerous local and international awards as well regularly being judged above an 80 in halliday ratings for their wine.

“We take a holistic management approach to growing vines. You have to look at the end product. We want quality wine and the best quality grapes grow the best quality wine. You have to grow the best you can.”

Improved soil biology has helped Leura Park ride out the dry times as well.

“I can see the results of using biological inputs. It makes it a lot easier to ride out droughts in dry years and we haven’t used artificial fertilisers for 10 years.”

“Late last year I attended the Soil Action Seminar which was excellent. It helped confirm the science behind what we’ve been trying to achieve and took us further into soil biology and soil health… It’s a big focus for us.”

Leura Park Estate has established itself as a renowned producer of premium cool climate wines that are 100% estate grown and predominantly hand picked.

They’re committed to grape integrity and have a range of wines that boast a distinctive and delightful French-style subtlety.

Find out more about Leura Park Estate here.