Applying accounting principles to sheep farming in Freshwater Creek

Patrick BlampiedNews

Mark Carroll has wool in the blood. An accountant by trade, he grew up in a family of classers and shearers. He’s been farming for 25 years but only recently decided to return to the fold full-time, running Merino sheep on 600 acres in Freshwater Creek.

The curious thing about Mark is that as he scales up he’s clearly mixing his heritage with his trade and applying accounting principles to the land. In doing so he’s found great success.

“We’ve got 800 breeding ewes and get a large wool cut but to do that you need to push the pastures.”

Being an accountant, Mark has always preferred to plan things out. He says he hates emergencies and likes to instead have contingencies and make hard decisions early.

This world-view made Mark the perfect person to take up our nutrient budgeting program. It’s accounting for soil.

“Once you do the soil tests you can see what you’ve got and what you need.”

“Compost is the fastest feed once you have the right levels in the soil. The grass grows quickly but you need 9 months to mature the compost beforehand so you need to be thinking two years out and have multiple batches running to be prepared.”

If you’re interested in finding out more about nutrient budgeting please call me directly on 0439 031 374 to book a free consultation.

You can also find out more by viewing this video of Camperdown Compost’s Tony Evans speaking about the calculator and running a simulation.